The Art of Layering

kettlewell layering2 crop
The shops may be awash with Spring/Summer styles but it’s still be distinctly chilly out there so, if you’re going to splash out on new season styles now, you’ll definitely need to add some layers for warmth. In fact, given the unpredictability of the great British climate, layering is a sensible way of adjusting to changing temperatures year-round. After all, how many d...
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My Personal Style – Catherine Turness

Cat Turness crop
I am delighted that Catherine Turness, has agreed to tell us about her personal style. Catherine is Executive Director at Winchester  Business Improvement District (BID) and leads a team that delivers multifaceted projects on behalf of 750 diverse businesses.  One of these projects is Winchester Fashion Week (16th - 21st April). Catherine was the Winner of the 2016 Women in...
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Denice Wray, New Forest

"I wanted to thank you for spending the morning with Jo and I. We both found it very helpful, with lots of food for thought and change. You provide a very professional service in a very informal way, which put us both at ease. I personally will find it so helpful when shopping and it will  stop me making purchases that I will never wear. Thank you again and we look forward to...
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Ten Style Tips for Midsters

I am often asked what the “rules” are for dressing post fifty. The first thing to say is that we should be able to wear what we like so I really don’t think it’s appropriate to be too prescriptive. However, I know that when some women reach middle age they lose confidence in their own ability to judge what does and doesn’t suit them. Many tell me they dread looking like “mu...
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My Personal Style – Louise Proddow, Entrepreneur

Louise Proddow - My Personal Style
One of the reasons I called my business My Personal Style is that I think it's really important for us express our own sense of style. It’s what makes us individual and interesting. I’ve therefore enjoyed interviewing some inspiring women about their personal style. I'm kicking off  this occasional series with Louise Proddow, entrepreneur, strategist, author, mother, friend, fo...
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Top Tips for Successful Sales Shopping

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We all love a bargain, don’t we? At this time of year the shops (actual and online) are awash with discounted stock and it can be very tempting to splash out. However, years of running Capsule Wardrobe Workshops and doing Wardrobe Weeds have taught me  that most women's clothing mistakes were so-called sale bargains. So, before you rush off and buy something which you mi...
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How to Dress For That First Date

rail blog
This month's blog comes courtesy of Daisy Mae, author of "Dating Daisy" which tells the story of 52 year newly-divorced Daisy's quest to find romance through internet dating. Daisy came to me to have her colours analysed and also took the opportunity to get my advice on what to wear for dates. Here's her account of our conversation which also featu...
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Personal Branding For Professional Success

woman in suit crop
Before I trained as an image consultant, I spent more years than I care to remember in a corporate environment. I worked in recruitment, sales and channel management so I know how important the way we present ourselves can be to our professional success. Rightly or wrongly, people form opinions about our character, professionalism, socio-economic status and authority based on w...
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The Importance of Good Grooming

Your professional image Recently I’ve been working with individuals and businesses around personal branding, executive presence, call it what you will. Basically, it’s about ensuring you project the best possible professional image. Now that business casual and smart casual are often the prevailing dress codes for a lot of businesses,  immaculate grooming is particularly es...
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Salvation! Dresses With Sleeves!

This post comes courtesy of Tracie Beardsley of Fab Frocks, a boutique which specialises in occasion wear with starting prices comparable with high street shops such as Coast and Monsoon. Staff at Fab Frocks pride themselves on being able to dress real women of all shapes and sizes - with sizes 4 to 24 in stock. "As soon as BBC’s ‘Strictly’ hits our screens, customers inunda...
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Update Your Autumn-Winter Wardrobe

max mara crop
  October is a great time to go shopping for your Autumn- Winter wardrobe. You don’t need to spend a fortune though -  a few well-chosen pieces will give your wardrobe an instant update. Colour This season’s key colour is red.  This is a confident, sexy colour that will get you noticed so make sure you get the right shade for you. If you have warm undertones opt f...
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How To Wear Colour

blog clearsoft
You may have noticed by now that I am on a mission to get people to inject a little more colour into their lives. Not only does wearing the right colours make you look more attractive and vibrant, it can really lift your spirits.  A colour analysis will show you your most flattering colours  and how to wear them. For those of you who haven’t had an analysis yet or would like a ...
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Office Chic in the Heat

Hopefully Summer will be making a re-appearance sometime soon! When the heat is on striking the right balance at work between being comfortable and looking professional can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you navigate this style dilemma! DO choose your fabrics wisely Natural fabrics like cotton, will be more lightweight and allow the skin to breathe. If you ...
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Casual Chic in The Heat

chic in heat crop
When the heat is on the last thing you want is to be feeling hot and bothered. Here are our tips to keep you cool and chic in the Summer sun this season….Lighten Up Darker colours absorb heat so opt for the lighter shades in your palette wherever possible. If you fall into the Deep colour category this can be particularly tricky but you can try adding a little contrast in the ...
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Susie Hellier, Southampton

"I have had three sessions with you, colour analysis, choosing clothes for my shape and accessories and I have found them all really useful. I had been spending a fortune buying clothes because they looked good on others without realising why they didn't quite work so well for me. It was only after attending your workshops that I have been able to shop with confidence and also ...
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Why What We Wear Matters

picmonkey blog
According to most researchers, people make decisions and judgements about us within  7 seconds of meeting.  Their subsequent interactions with us are very much influenced  by their first impression of us. A positive first impression stores up a lot of goodwill, whereas a negative one is difficult to recover from. Therefore, whether  it’s a first date or an interview, the messag...
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Swimwear Style

crop beach shot
We spend the whole year looking forward to our Summer holiday; after the long, dark days of Winter there’s no better feeling than the sun on your back and sand under your toes. It’s only natural that we want to look our best and spend time planning our holiday wardrobe, but how many of us give much thought to our swimwear (apart from thinking that we really don't want to be see...
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