Belt Up!

After a bit of a style dry spell, belts are back with a bang this season. So, step forward with a pirate-inspired ‘swashbuckling’ belt – think, Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean.

But before you buckle up, let’s explore the ups and downs of wearing belts.

A great belt can make or break an outfit. It can add a stylish touch to any outfit, so be sure to invest in at least one for your accessories collection. Accentuate your shape and create a feminine silhouette with a waist-pinching belt, or add an extra splash of colour to your jeans with a skinny belt in bright, pop colours. From classic plaited to chunky with metal letter detailing, you’ll be sure to make a style statement.

Some belts are real statement pieces like this season’s offerings with cut-outs, metallic finishes, studded or stretch to cinch-in that lovely waist. Alexander Wang showed us how to wear a grommeted belt in the pre-Autumn 2016 collection – around the waist of a classic trench, re-purposed it on a tailored grey jacket and used the grommet design for crisscrossing straps on an evening gown. The secret to not looking like you’re having a mid-life crisis when wearing one is keep the rest of your ensemble classic and pared-back.

So what are the styling rules?

The size of your belt needs to match your scale, which is based on your height and the size of your bones. If you’re petite you need to wear narrower belts or the belt will wear you, if you’re average scale (about 5’4″ – 5’6″) you need a belt of about 1.5 inches wide, if you’re tall you can really go for it and wear a 2.5 inch wide belt. If you have a particularly short or long waist though you will need to adjust the width of the belt accordingly. Those with short (a.k.a high) waists should stick to narrower belts, whereas if you are low (a.k.a long) waisted, a wider belt will be flattering.

So all this is great if you have a waist to show off, but what if you don’t? Or you’re very high-waisted?  In that case, my advice is to keep away from belts and invest in another gorgeous accessory that will draw the eye to your best assets, like a great pair of shoes if you have superb legs or a fabulous necklace if you have a great bust.

If you’re in the market for a new belt this season, Once Upon A Belt have a good selection.