How to decide what types of clothes to buy

For me, one of the benefits of getting older has been that I have a stronger sense of who I am and what suits me. I know this isn’t the case for everyone though and lots of women come to see me precisely because they have lost sight of what their style is.  This can lead to random purchases that then go unworn. Having a style consultation is a good way to get back on track but ...
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Time to Cosy-Up!

Picture of different styles of jumper
OK, so it’s the middle of Winter, we’re stuck in Lockdown, we’ve gained weight due to comfort eating and lack of exercise and we’re not exactly feeling on top of the world. Definitely a time for snuggling up in cosy jumpers! If you’ve gained weight and “lost” your waist - or indeed have never had one! -  here are some simple tips to help you look and feel your best in yo...
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Your Professional Image

“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak"  - Rachel Zoe With the fantastic news on the two vaccines, hopefully this year life should start returning to normal. For many of us this will mean working at least part of the week from an office and meeting in person with colleagues, suppliers and clients. This is a great time to be a woman in business. Co...
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How To Wear Black

Most women have quite a lot of black in their wardrobes and it’s easy to see why: The shops are full of it It’s seen as being chic and sexy It’s slimming Unfortunately, on most mature women, black looks rather harsh and can be quite ageing.  And there's really no need to wear it to look slimmer; all dark colours will have a similar effect, so how about trying ...
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Don’t become a slave to styling rules!

Jumble of clothes
I know that a lot of women find choosing what to wear for any given occasion quite stressful so I aim to make getting dressed as simple and straight forward as possible you so that you can spend less time worrying about your clothes and more time enjoying life. We women are often our own worst critics, tending to focus on our perceived faults rather than appreciating our...
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Which type of colour analysis is right for you?

I was prompted to write this blog by a visit from Kettlewell founder, Melissa Nicholson, and her in-house stylist, Jo, who came to see me to find out more about the tonal approach to colour analysis. Kettlewell Colours, is an online shop selling good quality basics in over 300 glorious colours. Melissa founded the business in 2004 after she’d had a colour analysis and had st...
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Let’s Get Layering!

There’s a definite chill in the air so it’s time to start getting our Autumn-Winter wardrobes together. Don’t automatically pack away everything you’ve been wearing over the Summer though, there could well be pieces that you can layer up and wear well into the new season. Key Layering Pieces The following pieces are great for layering: Different types of fine, close ...
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What to Wear to Lunch With Friends

friends having lunch
Whenever I do a style consultation, I ask about the client’s lifestyle, favourite shops etc and what occasions they find it challenging to dress for. Almost without exception, women tell me that what they find most difficult is dressing for lunch out with their friends! Generally, there will be at least one woman in their group who absolutely nails her look, leaving the ...
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Facing Up To Face Masks

I don't think anyone enjoys wearing a face mask but we have to accept them as our new normal, and regardless of the style and colour that you choose, first and foremost, we must remember that they exist to keep us safe. That said, I have been asked for advice on many different aspects of wearing masks, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts with you. What style should I wea...
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How’s Your Hair?

woman with grey hair
Hairdressers re-opening has been a huge relief to most of us. How many Zooms and Facebook posts did you see where women apologised for their “lockdown hair”?  For many of us, how good (or otherwise) we feel about our hair has a real impact on how we feel about ourselves. So, whilst we may not have rushed back to bars, gyms and restaurants, few have resisted the siren call o...
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Selecting Stylish Sunglasses

The incomparable Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of style in her "Manhatten" sunglasses in Breakfast At Tiffany's. Sunglasses can not only add glamour to an outfit but are also fabulous for camouflaging less-than-bright or puffy eyes. And, now that Summer is here they really are an essential part of our wardrobe.  Quite apart from looking stylish, they will also shield yo...
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How to Shop Post Lockdown

Post Covid Shopping
How life has changed over the past few months! As clothes shops begin to re-open, it’s becoming clear that our shopping experience is going to be quite different to before COVID-19.  For the time being at least, there will be no more casual browsing and trying on clothes with the occasional break for coffee. Instead we are faced with the prospect of queuing to enter shop...
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Three Golden Rules for Dressing to Look Slimmer

I suspect that, whilst some virtuous souls may have used lockdown as an opportunity to up the exercise regime and go for long walks, many of us may have been somewhat less self-disciplined and have piled on a few pounds. If so, take heart, following my three golden rules will instantly make you look slimmer and more shapely. Rule #1 – Highlight your assets When carrying a bit...
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Looking Good On Video Calls

Woman sitting at laptop
Most of us are spending a lot of time talking to people via some form of video link these days. If my experience is anything to go by, seeing yourself on screen in this way for the first time can be a bit of an eye-opener – and not in a good way! Fortunately, I've since discovered some simple steps you can take to help you look your best and create a great impression. T...
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Lockdown Style

Pictures of Nicola wearing different outfits
Over the past few weeks, quite a few people have suggested that I write a style guide on what to wear during lockdown. I must admit I have hesitated to do this till now because the last thing I want to do in these difficult and stressful times is suggest that we should be focusing on what we look like. Goodness knows there are far more important things to worry about…. BUT ...
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Key Trends For This Spring-Summer

Massimo Dutti shorts suit
We may be confined to home with our social lives having ground to a necessary halt, but nonetheless wearing something we look and feel good in can still lift the spirits. Anyway, this situation won't last forever and let's keep the faith that, at some point this Summer, we'll be able to go out and about again. Here are some of the key trends for this season, and the good new...
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Prints Please!

I am often asked “Can I wear prints?” or sometimes I'm even told “I know I don’t suit prints”. The fact is that everyone can look good in prints, but you do need to understand some basic rules to make flattering choices.  Let’s take a look at what these are:  Size and Contrast The size of print should reflect your scale, particularly if worn all over. If you are statuesque a ...
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What Clothes to Take on a Business Trip

Lots of my clients travel on business from time to time and I know some find it difficult knowing what clothes to pack, particularly if they want to fit everything within cabin-sized luggage. The key to packing a capsule business wardrobe is to ensure that everything you take earns its place, in other words that each piece coordinates with several others so that it can be wo...
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The Shirt Dress – A Wardrobe Hero

The shirt dress is a wardrobe hero which never goes out of style but is particularly  on-trend for Spring 2020. I’ve  bought a couple over the past few years and they are probably the most versatile dresses in my wardrobe. They’re a particularly good option for women who prefer some tailoring to the romantic, unstructured flouncy dresses which are also popular at the mom...
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Style On The School Run

As a busy mum (or grandma!), sometimes just getting everyone up, dressed and breakfasted in time for school can seem like a major achievement.  With virtually no time to spend on ourselves, it’s no wonder we sometimes resort to throwing on the first clothes that come to hand and dashing out the door looking a bit dishevelled. If you envy other mums who somehow always man...
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