Stress-Free Dressing For Social Events

As we approach the Festive Season, the chances are you’re going to be invited to various social events - Christmas lunches/drinks , dinners , office parties and the like.  I know that this can lead to some angst about what to wear so I thought I'd provide some pointers. Nowadays, these sorts of occasions rarely call for formal dressing but most of us will want to look and feel ...
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Ten Style Tips for Midsters

I am often asked what the “rules” are for dressing post fifty. The first thing to say is that we should be able to wear what we like so I really don’t think it’s appropriate to be too prescriptive. However, I know that when some women reach middle age they lose confidence in their own ability to judge what does and doesn’t suit them. Many tell me they dread looking like “mu...
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The Importance of Good Grooming

Your professional image Recently I’ve been working with individuals and businesses around personal branding, executive presence, call it what you will. Basically, it’s about ensuring you project the best possible professional image. Now that business casual and smart casual are often the prevailing dress codes for a lot of businesses,  immaculate grooming is particularly es...
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