Are You Wearing The Trousers?

Nicola Sheppard, owner of independent boutique CC of Wimborne, which stocks designer trousers by Marble, Toni and Joseph Ribkoff, shares her top tips on finding the best styles It’s hard to imagine the freedom that trousers give us today in terms of lifestyle, working wardrobe and even eveningwear with the return of the jumpsuit - didn’t really take off here until as l...
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Finding Your Perfect Jeans

Most of us have a favourite pair of jeans that we wear time and again, but if we’re honest we probably also have quite a number of other pairs which we never wear because they’re just not quite right. Shopping for new jeans can be time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes demoralising but is certainly worth the effort. Very much a wardrobe staple, jeans can be worn for all sort...
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Why White is Right, Right Now!

One of the first things I’m often asked when people come for a colour analysis is “Can I wear black?” Black dominates many of our wardrobes and one of the main reasons people give for wearing it is that “It goes with everything”. However, whilst black may not actually clash with other colours, there are in fact few that it actually enhances. For Summer, choosing a lighter...
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