Prints to Suit Your Style Personality

  In my previous blog I looked at style personality and what it means for the way you dress. In this one I am going to address how your style personality impacts the types of prints that you wear. Broadly speaking, there are certain prints which appeal to particular style personalities: Creatives – love wearable art, abstract and ethnic inspired prints and...
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New You, True you!

Would you like to feel happy and confident about your appearance? Are you stuck in a bit of a style rut? Bored with your clothes? Feeling pretty much invisible? Now is the time to make changes and herald a new, more confident, you; the "you" you truly want to be. We're all different - not only in terms of  our size and shape, but also our lifestyles and the type of clothing...
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Do You Know Your Style Personality?

Style personality
  Have you ever been shopping with a friend and she is drawn to pretty dresses, whilst you make a beeline for the sharp tailored blazers and jeans? That's your individual style personalities shining through. Your friend loves touchy-feely fabrics with lots of detail, layers and layers of bangles and jewellery, embellished shoes and probably wears pretty, matching un...
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Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe

  Perhaps at least in part due to the pandemic, many of my clients are telling me that they’ve lost sight of what suits them and/or their wardrobe no longer feels right for their lifestyle. Also, most are more mindful of the damage that fast fashion is wreaking on the planet and feel that having masses of barely-worn clothes is irresponsible. What most crave is a...
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