Ten Top Tips

Nicola in her styling studio

I thought I’d share with you some of the generic styling tips that I pass on to my clients that I think you will find helpful.

  1. Get a full length mirror. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. There is absolutely no way you can tell whether an outfit looks good on you unless you can see yourself in it from top to toe.
  2. Mother does not always know best! I meet so many women (and some men) who have hang-ups based on something someone (often their mother) said to them decades ago. One client had spent forty years trying to conceal her bottom because her mother had told her it was big. In fact, what she actually had was not a large bottom but was an enviably small waist!
  3. Black does NOT go with everything. On the contrary, it “kills” lots of other colours, particularly those that are soft and warm so, unless you look good in the strong, vibrant colours which work best with black, consider using navy or grey as your go-to dark neutral.
  4. Add a third element to your outfit. Whether that’s a scarf, jacket, eye-catching print or piece of jewellery, it will immediately elevate your outfit. See Power of Three for more information about this.
  5. Ignore the size on the label and go for fit. This can make all the difference. I would rather buy a less expensive outfit and pay to get it tailored to fit than spend money on an expensive one that doesn’t fit well and therefore will never look good.
  6. People watch! When you see someone who you think looks stylish, ask yourself what it is about their outfit that appeals to you. Don’t attempt to slavishly copy it ( the chances are that your colouring, shape, scale and proportions will not be the same) but think about how you could re- interpret it in a way that could work for you.
  7. Get the foundations right – by which I mean your underwear. If your bust isn’t well supported and sitting where it should be on your body, clothes are never going to look their best, so do make sure you’re wearing a well-fitting bra. Equally a VPL (visible panty line) is not only unsightly but also makes your bottom look fatter than it really is.
  8. Buy less, wear more. Think  of each purchase on a cost per wear basis  (number of times worn divided by cost) and aim to wear it at least 30 times. Spend most on the items you wear most.
  9. Accessorise! A well-chosen accessory can be an excellent finishing touch to even the simplest outfit. See Accessorising With Style for tips on how to choose your best.
  10. Relax! You don’t have to get every single element of your outfit absolutely right. Wear what brings you pleasure and so long as it’s 70% there in terms of cut, colour, fabric etc, you’re going to look good. Above 70% right, you’ll look really good!

For personal information relating to your shape, scale, proportions and style personality, do book in for a style consultation.