What To Wear This Spring – Summer

What should I wear?


It’s always exciting when new season clothes start to drop but, before you put together your spring-summer wish list, I recommend that you “shop your wardrobe”; in other words, take stock of what you already have and identify any gaps. The chances are that you will only need one or two additional pieces to update your wardrobe.

Below are some of the key trends you might like to choose from for the upcoming season:

High rise trousers

These look particularly good on women with long/low waists. If you tuck your top in,  high rise trousers will shorten the look of the torso and lengthen the legs. If you have a short waist though they won’t be your best option as they will sit uncomfortably high under the bust and make your body look disproportionately short.

On the subject of trousers, wide legs and straight legs are still very much “in”. If you love your skinnies though, don’t feel you need to throw them out. They may no longer be the fashionistas’ first choice but they’re still widely available so you won’t look dated if you continue to wear them.

(By the way, ultra-short shorts were also everywhere on the runway, but I suspect they will be of less interest to most of us!)

Chanel-esque jacket

Chanel-style shortish, boxy jackets and knits are very much on-trend. They team very well with high waisted trousers and jeans and would be an easy way to update your wardrobe. Opt for a slightly longer style if you carry your weight around your tummy or are particularly short in the body.

Full length trench coat

This is an absolute classic that never goes out of style but is set to have a bit of a moment. If you’re looking to for a coat to wear for many years to come, you may want to invest in a neutral colour, but there are also plenty available in other colours such as fuchsia, baby blue etc

Biker jacket

Another classic that is enjoying a resurgence this spring-summer. Again, for longevity and versatility, invest in one in one of your best neutral colours, be that black, brown, navy or taupe. If you’ve already got a neutral jacket though, you could go for a pop of colour.  Kettlewell have some gorgeous suede ones.

Bows & Roses

There will be a good choice of prints, including polka dots, animal prints (still!) amd stripes. It’s roses that are the standout print of the season though.  Also, expect to see bows adorning lots of garments and accessories.  This feminine trend will particularly appeal to those who have a Romantic style personality.

If you have a pussy bow blouse lurking in your wardrobe, now is the time to retrieve it. Or perhaps you could update a dress, jumper or jacket by adding a fabric bow or rose corsage? If you don’t feel up to making one yourself, sites like Etsy have lots of reasonably priced ones on offer.

On the runways, these feminine styles were worn with lady-like sling-backs and kitten heels.


If feminine flowers and bows aren’t your thing, you will be pleased to know that there’s also a more sporty trend for polo shirts and dresses and slouchy v-necks. These look good with trainers and are likely to appeal to Natural style personalities who value their comfort and feel more at home in casual clothes.


Whilst the Pantone colour of the year is Peach Fuzz (good on for Softs, Lights and Warms), we’re yet to see much of this hitting the high street. The colours you will find in plentiful supply are black (chic, if your colouring can take it) , white (particularly white dresses), greens and reds. Metallics have taken over from sequins for now and can be treated very much as a neutral. Gold or silver (depending on your colouring) bags and footwear will pair beautifully with most other colours in your palette so are surprisingly versatile.

Take a look at my latest catalogue for examples of the latest trends and where to buy them.