Why White is Right, Right Now!

One of the first things I’m often asked when people come for a colour analysis is “Can I wear black?”

Black dominates many of our wardrobes and one of the main reasons people give for wearing it is that “It goes with everything”. However, whilst black may not actually clash with other colours, there are in fact few that it actually enhances.

For Summer, choosing a lighter staple colour will give your wardrobe a “lift”. Even if you just switch from black to navy, you will find that it will look more appropriate for the time of year and less harsh with other colours you’re wearing. Personally, I like to wear white and ivory as my “neutrals” in the warmer weather as I find that these complement so many other colours.

To illustrate this, I asked my daughter to photograph me in a pair of white jeans (my own) and a pair of black jeans (hers, I don’t possess a pair of my own!) with a variety of different coloured tops.

Black is rather heavy and stark – especially for Summer
White/ivory complements lighter colours and has a much more summery feel.

Incidentally, my jeans are from Massimo Dutti and Mariella’s are from Top Shop. I wouldn’t normally wear jeans as skinny  as my daughter but  I do like the fact that they have a higher rise rise which eliminates any hint of a muffin top. Having tried hers (and found them remarkably comfortable), I will certainly check out what else Top Shop have to offer in a slightly less skinny style.

As you can see, the white jeans work well with the lighter and more muted colours, against which the black jeans look rather harsh. In fairness, the red top does look good with black (although  this combination is not particularly flattering with my “soft” colouring) but it works equally well with the white, which I think is a nicer option for Summer.

If you don’t already have any, white/cream jeans or trousers could be a  worthwhile addition to your  wardrobe as they are so versatile and also surprisingly practical. Team them with pastels (very “in” this season), brights (also very “in”) , muted and deep colours, and give any stains a soak in diluted bleach – or add a bit of Vanish to the wash – without fear of the colour fading.

Do invest in a quality fabric with a bit of substance though – anything too flimsy will be very unforgiving.  Also, always wear nude coloured underwear so that there’s no risk of your knickers showing through.  Regardless of what colour trousers you choose to wear, if your hips are less than slender, it’s a good idea to stitch down any side pockets which might otherwise gape and add inches just where you don’t need them. To elongate the look of your legs team your trousers with similar coloured footwear, or nude if you are wearing a cropped length.

Enjoy the Summer!


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