Swimwear Style

We spend the whole year looking forward to our Summer holiday; after the long, dark days of Winter there’s no better feeling than the sun on your back and sand under your toes. It’s only natural that we want to look our best and spend time planning our holiday wardrobe, but how many of us give much thought to our swimwear (apart from thinking that we really don’t want to be seen in it!) ? When you think that on the typical beach holiday you’ll be wearing your swimwear everyday, so it makes sense to make sure it’s as flattering and confidence-boosting as possible.

As with all clothing, the key to selecting a flattering swimsuit is to work with your body shape and, whether you go for a 1 or 2-piece, it should be in a fab colour(s) from your palette to suit your skin tone (of which there will be plenty on display!)

Neat Hourglass (defined bust and waist, neat bottom and hips).

If you have a neat hourglass figure and you’re in proportion then you basically have your pick of swimsuit styles! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Try a bikini in a fabulous colour to show off your figure.

Full Hourglass (full bust, defined waist, rounded bottom and hips)

Support is essential for you so opt for a swimsuit or bikini that has underwriting or built-in support for maximum comfort. Opt for block colours and avoid horizontal stripes or details across the bust and hips.phpKTS1ALAM

Triangle (full hips and/or thighs, defined waist, shoulders that are narrower than your hips/smaller top half)

You want to draw all the attention upwards and emphasise your slim waist. Something like this one-piece from Top Shop (right) would be a good option. Alternatively you could go for  a mix and match bikini where you wear a light or bright colour on top and go for a  dark colour on your bottom half. Patterns and details should be kept on your bust and beware of high-cut styles as you don’t want these to finish at your widest point.

Inverted Triangle (straight shoulder line, little waist definition, flat hips/bottom smaller than your top half)

Halter and square necklines work beautifully with your straight shoulder line. Have fun with details on the hips. It is usually easier to go for styles where you can buy your top and bottom half separately, this will give you the freedom to get a look that works best for you.

Rectangle (straight shoulder line, hips and bottom, little waist definition, straight ribcage – you may also have a full bust)

A swimsuit with a central panel in a different colour is a great option for you as it creates the illusion of curves and a slimmer shape. Geometric patterns look particularly good with your body shape.

Oval (rounded shoulder line, curved back, fullness around the middle, flat-ish bottom)

A one piece with “tummy control” works wonders on oval/apple-shaped women and this type of swimsuit is widely available on the high-street. A print (floral or abstract are most flattering on curves) will help disguise lumps and bumps whilst details on the shoulders draw attention upwards.

Cover- Up

A stylish sarong or kaftan over your swimwear can give you confidence as you stroll from your hotel to the beach/pool.  If you opt for a colourful print  this will help disguise the sun cream stains and creasing that will inevitably appear over the course of your holiday.

And  Finally…

Have fun in the sun!