My Perfect Wardrobe

This online service is designed to help you put together your perfect wardrobe so that you always have something flattering and appropriate to wear, whatever the occasion.

My Perfect Wardrobe enables you to keep track of the clothes and accessories you already have, make considered new purchases and get maximum wear out of everything in your wardrobe. Best of all, it can all be done using an easy-to-use app on your phone, tablet or computer, combined with my styling expertise.

Watch this video to find out more.


This is a really flexible service and I know you’re going to love what it can do for you and your wardrobe. Here are just a few suggestions as to how I can help you:

  • Shop for a specific occasion – wedding, party, date night, interview.
  • Put together a packing list for your holiday or business trip with outfit suggestions for each day you’re away.
  • Develop wardrobe capsules for various activities – work, leisure, sport.
  • Shop your wardrobe, in other words build new outfits from what you already have.
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe and shop accordingly.
  • Update your wardrobe each season.

Additionally, if you wish, we can review any purchases that you make via a follow-up Zoom call to decide which are “keepers”.

My Perfect Wardrobe is a godsend for men and women who don’t have the time or inclination to trawl round the shops or to work out what to wear with what, but would nonetheless like to have a stylish, flexible and flattering wardrobe which suits their personality, budget and lifestyle.

It can also be used as an adjunct to my in-person wardrobe weeding and personal shopping services.

Fee: £55 per hour, minimum two hours.

If you would like me to help you create your perfect wardrobe, please complete this client form and I will then get in touch with you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Click here for my selection of key pieces for Summer, and some suggestions of how to wear them.

“Has anyone told you recently that you are a genius! Love all the dress suggestions and had completely forgotten about jumpsuits – brilliant thinking! Thanks for all the suggestions re navy knee high boots too. You are sooo right- a definite wardrobe gap!” Alison Maybury, Wickham.

“This was a fantastic option for me and Nicola did a great job, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her in the future.” Shona Morrison, Andover

“Nicola took items that I’ve never / hardly ever worn, and created lots of new outfits with them – all using items from my existing wardrobe, and right down to shoes, scarves and jewellery! I now have a ‘Lookbook’ of outfits to choose from – no more frantic rushing to get ready for work in the mornings! Nicola put together things I’d never thought of but that I really like. Her input will make my wardrobe work so much harder for me. I love it!” Clare O’Loghlen,  Aachen, Germany.