Do You Feel Invisible?

Stylish mature woman

Do you feel invisible?

The reason I ask is because feeling invisible is one of the key reasons women give me for deciding to come along for a consultation. They say that no one notices them anymore and they’re losing confidence and feelings of self worth as a result. This is reflected in a survey of 2000 people by  Dr Julian De Silva which found that by the age of 45 women start to feel invisible and feel that they have lost their allure.

Ageing is a privilege

Ageing is entirely natural and, let’s face it, a whole lot better than the alternative! In many ways, growing older is a privilege. There’s no denying that it takes its toll on our bodies though; as well as the inevitable wrinkles, our colouring becomes less vibrant, we tend to gain weight, especially around our middles, and may no longer be able to tolerate high heels (as a “shortie” who lives in heels, believe me,  I am dreading this!) We might feel unsure about what does and doesn’t suit us these days or conflicted by what we’d like to wear versus what we feel we “should” be wearing. But there’s no reason for us to fade into the background; we can still look relevant and attractive. We just need to rediscover our style mojo.

Revisit your colours

The colours we wear can have a huge psychological impact on us and how we’re viewed. So wear colours that make you happy and put a smile on your face! Too often as we get older we gravitate towards darker shades which just make us more invisible and do nothing to lift our spirits. If you’re unsure which colours suit you nowadays, consider investing in a  colour analysis which will show you the colours that will make you look younger, fresher and more attractive.

Adjust Your Style

How we choose to dress is down to what we stylists call our “style personality”.  Nonetheless, with age and changing body shape, you may need to make some adjustments.  You probably won’t want to embrace all the latest fashion trends but it’s good to look current.  Whilst it probably isn’t appropriate to dress like your daughter, there will almost certainly be elements of what she wears that would work well for you too. You just need to be selective. A style consultation will give you lots of practical advice about what styles suit you and where to shop.


Use make-up to replace some of the colour and definition your face loses as you age. The right lipstick (not too dark) can make your lips look fuller and blusher applied high on the cheeks has a wonderfully “lifting “effect. Why not book in for a make-up lesson to find out how to apply a flattering natural-looking make-up?

Confidence is so sexy!

Of course you are SO much more than what you look like, but when you feel good in what you’re wearing you radiate confidence, and confidence is the sexiest thing a woman (or man!) can wear. And remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

If you’re not ready to fade into the background and would like tips on staying relevant and visible, why not come along to my next Fab At Forty and Beyond Workshop