Help! I Don’t Know What To Wear!


As we finally begin to emerge from lockdown and start to contemplate returning to the office,  dining out,  trips to the theatre and generally having a social life (remember those days?), I know that some of us are feeling that we’ve lost our sense of direction when it comes to knowing how to dress. After months of loungewear or top-half only dressing for Zoom, we’ve lost confidence in what to wear outside of our homes.

The first thing to say is “Don’t panic!” In terms of fashion, the world has barely moved on at all. My job involves spending a lot of time scouring clothing shops and websites and I can assure you that a lot of what is currently out there is actually stock from a year ago that was “moth balled” during lock down.

If you are having a bit of a style “wobble”, rather than rush out to the shops and panic buy clothes you might not wear, I would recommend that you get your bearings again before making any significant purchases. This is because you risk going one of two ways: either buying more of the same relaxed (dare I say “slobby”?) clothes you’ve been wearing during lockdown and which have become your “safety blanket”, but which will not make you feel good about yourself,  or (and I must confess that this is me!) excitedly buying special occasion wear you don’t need. In reality, what you wore pre-pandemic, or what you bought but never had the opportunity to wear, will still be absolutely fine – assuming it still fits, of course!

The sensible approach to post-lockdown dressing, is to have a sort through your wardrobe and seek out those pieces that you haven’t had occasion to wear during the pandemic and have a good old trying on session.  Analyse which of these make you look and feel good, and why eg are there particular colours or styles that work really well for you? Try putting them together with other pieces in your wardrobe to make complete outfits and, if you are lacking a key element or finishing touch (the right shoes or jewellery etc), put this on your shopping list. If you need completely new outfits, use the knowledge you’ve gained by analysing the clothes you already have, to determine the colours and styles that work best for you.

This is definitely the sensible approach. HOWEVER, most of us have had a grotty year and could really do with a lift, so I right now think we can all be forgiven for the odd random purchase just to treat ourselves!


If you would like professional help with building a wardrobe that works for your personality and lifestyle, do get in touch.