How To Wear Black

Navy is a flattering alternative to black.

Most women have quite a lot of black in their wardrobes and it’s easy to see why:

  • The shops are full of it
  • It’s seen as being chic and sexy
  • It’s slimming

Unfortunately, on most mature women, black looks rather harsh and can be quite ageing.  And there’s really no need to wear it to look slimmer; all dark colours will have a similar effect, so how about trying chocolate, pine, aubergine, navy or charcoal? These are so much more flattering than black on most of us. Besides, the cut of your clothes and the fabric used will have a greater bearing on how shapely you look than the colour ever will.

So, does anyone suit black?

Black can look good on people with strong, cool colouring; typically someone with very dark or ash-toned hair and dark or bright eyes. Also, the younger you are, the better it tends to look, as there are fewer bags and wrinkles for it draw attention to!

I don’t want to throw out all my black clothes

Chocolate is a lovely alternative if you have warmth to your colouring.

Nor should you! Even if it’s not in your colour palette (and if you are very fair, have soft or warm colouring, it almost certainly isn’t) there’s no need to get rid of everything in your wardrobe that’s black in one fell swoop. Here are my top tips for wearing black even if it’s not one of your best colours:

  • Limit the amount of coverage – a sleeveless low-cut dress is much easier to carry off than a black jumpsuit, for example.
  • Ideally, keep black to below the waist so that it doesn’t reflect onto your face.
  • If wearing it on the top half, add a jacket, scarf or jewellery in one of your more flattering colours.
  • Opt for lacey or semi-sheer fabrics so that an element of your skin shows through.
  • Wear some make-up, particularly blusher and lipstick, to put back some of the colour that black can drain away.

I look great in black!

Lucky you! In that case, wear it and enjoy it, but, if the majority of your wardrobe is black, you might like to think about wearing some other colours because:

Wear a pop of colour to “lift” the black.
  • Black is not uplifting. Have you noticed how people who are feeling low or lacking in self-esteem often hide behind it? To avoid things looking too funereal, try wearing it with another colour.
  • There are so many other joyful colours you could wear that could almost certainly make you look healthier and more vibrant.
  • People who wear more colourful clothes appear happier and more approachable.

Put some joy in your life

Now, more than ever, we could do with a bit of joy in our lives so, why not lift your mood by wearing some colour?  Go on, try it! I guarantee you’ll look and feel so much better.

If you’d like to find out more about the colours, fabrics and styles that will make you look and feel your very best, do consider having a colour or style consultation (or both!) You  certainly won’t regret it.

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