Let’s Get Layering!

Taking an outfit from Summer to Winter

There’s a definite chill in the air so it’s time to start getting our Autumn-Winter wardrobes together. Don’t automatically pack away everything you’ve been wearing over the Summer though, there could well be pieces that you can layer up and wear well into the new season.

Key Layering Pieces

The following pieces are great for layering:

  • Different types of fine, close fitting tops (e.g. long, 3/4 or elbow length sleeved tops; vest tops; camis; blouses and shirts) to wear as base layers
  • Layers to wear over base tops – jumpers, wraps, cardigans (I love a nice cardigan!)
  • A few stylish outerwear items for when you head out (e.g. blazers, gilets,  leather jackets)
  • Colourful accessories such as scarves, jewellery, belts to complete your look.

For colourful tops that are great for layering, I recommend Kettlewell Colours (which you can purchase via me at a discount) and Uniqlo.

Layering for Warmth

In the picture (taken on a windy day with the sun in my eyes!) at the top of this article, I show how I transition a simple sleeveless dress through the seasons by layering a roll neck underneath, changing my footwear, adding thick tights and, finally, a cardigan to make it extra toasty for Winter.  I have several cardigans and roll necks that co-ordinate well with this dress  (One of the benefits of knowing one’s colour palette and buying colours within it!) so it’s easy to ring the changes.

In the pictures below I’m wearing a light-weight Summer dress with varying levels of layering for warmth. By swapping the original self-belt for a more substantial suede one (granted, more about the “look” than the warmth), adding thick tights, boots and a cardigan, I have taken it from high Summer to Autumn.

Leopard print dress
Layering a Summer dress for warmth

Layering for Style

Layering doesn’t have to be just about warmth though; it can make an outfit altogether more stylish. Anyone can just take a dress off the rail and wear it, but if you layer on accessories you can add some personality and individuality. The plainer a garment is, the more it lends itself to stylish layering. Take the dress in these photos. It’s very plain and a neutral colour but, as you can see, very easy to “dress up” with accessories.

Adding style and personality to a plain dress 

If you’d like help to get the most out of your wardrobe, do get in touch.