My Personal Style – Louise Proddow, Entrepreneur

One of the reasons I called my business My Personal Style is that I think it’s really important for us express our own sense of style. It’s what makes us individual and interesting. I’ve therefore enjoyed interviewing some inspiring women about their personal style. I’m kicking off  this occasional series with Louise Proddow, entrepreneur, strategist, author, mother, friend, founder of Tweak a digital marketing agency and Rejuvage, the leading midlife health and beauty destination. Like me, Louise has a passion for helping to empower girls and women and is on a mission to take the ‘anti’ out of ageing, encouraging us all to feel and look amazing at any age.

What’s your favourite item of clothing right now?phpKAZzGDAM

My passion for tartan and patterns started in my youth, with the punk attitude and I am still a big of fan of adding a dash of colour. I love to have a bit of red in the check and love the way it adds a bit of drama to casual outfits. You will find it in my wardrobe in many forms, trousers, shirts and a cape coat.

Favourite fashion decade?

When you love clothes like me I think you enjoy every decade, I don’t let fashion dictate who I am and take influences from many decades But I guess deep down the rock chic look of the 80s/90s is my fav . I’m still a punk at heart and love gigs as much as I did in my teens.

Favourite music decade?

I am the girl who had an 80s themed party for my 40th and 50th – the 80s are the soundtrack to my life and style – it is still part of my life and this year I have seen Depeche Mode, Marc Almond, Noel Gallagher, The Cure, The Skids and many more in concert.

 Who (or what) inspires your look (famous or otherwise)?

I love free spirited style and appreciate people that embrace their own individuality, especially if they add a bit of drama like Freddie Mercury did, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne. I love the new instagramers that are defining their own style like Sara May Adams.

Sometimes I like to play around with my look and have a bit of fun, like when I had a blue tint in November – it washed out after a few washes. The funny thing is I fell over when I had it so had a black eye to match!!!


What’s your favourite colour?

Back to black is my always my default.  I did have a phase when it was all I wear, but now I like to soften it up a bit.

You’ve been invited to a special event last minute – what do you wear?


For the last couple of years it has been the jumpsuit, so flattering as they skim over the figure. I have pinstripe for important meetings, electric blue for summer and black for the party season

The most amazing shoes in your wardrobe (worn or not!) ?

phpyU8GmjAMMy guilty pleasure is these Prada shoes! I bought them in Bond Street on the way to a meeting, for a wedding I was going to in Florence. My suitcase ended up getting delayed so I didn’t get to wear them at the wedding but was so happy when the suitcase was returned . They are so comfy!

Where do you like to shop?

I love online shopping,  it is so much less frustrating than going to the shops, I seem to subscribe to hundreds of sites and am constantly bombarded with offers which can be distracting. I love ,  The OutnetThe Kooples, Kitri, French Connection, Selfridges, asos and Bohoo.

Neutrals or brights?

Bright or black –“live life in colour” or “back to black” are my mottos . I love block colour dresses, especially red!

Kindle or paperback?

Paperback every time, I love a digital detox . I spend my life in front of a screen for work and so like to relax either outside or with an inspirational little quirky book full of life advice.

Louise Proddow