Personal Shopping – In-Store & Online Options

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Bo Derek

Whether shopping on the high street or online, do you find you go to the same shops and buy the same things over and over again? Do you feel overwhelmed by the choice and don’t knoshopping2w where to start? Do you buy outfits which you never actually wear? Would you like an unbiased opinion on what does and doesn’t suit you? Do you feel in need of some creative flair to help you put outfits together for maximum impact and versatility?

Let me take you shopping! I will show you:

  • Clothes that will make the best of your body shape and colouring
  • How to put together stylish outfits that reflect your personality and lifestyle
  • How to adapt trends to suit you (and your budget!)
  • The best accessories to add those all-important finishing touches

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion or just want to update your existing wardrobe, let me help you find clothes that you will look and feel fabulous in and which don’t break your budget. Say good-bye to buyer’s remorse!

There are two shopping options:

We can physically go shopping.  I do all the hard work for you and optimise use of your time (and money!) by pre-selecting outfits from a selection of different shops for you to try on.

Fee: £60 per hour, minimum two hours.

This service is only available Monday – Friday.


I can make things even easier for you with my online shopping service.

I use my extensive knowledge of different brands and current collections to put together a bespoke selection of clothes tailored to your requirements and preferences.  This is sent to you as a presentation with pictures of each garment and links to the various stores’ websites so that you can easily purchase any that you like the look of. Once they’ve been delivered to you, we  link up online via Zoom or Skype and I help you decide which you should keep (hopefully lots!) and which should be returned. I can also provide guidance on how to integrate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe ie  how to put outfits together.

Fee: £55 per hour, minimum two hours.

“My wardrobe is now filled with clothes that I enjoy wearing and that complement each other, making it easy to put outfits together. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to put together a capsule wardrobe or to find an outfit for a specific occasion.” Clare Hoy.