Prints to Suit Your Style Personality

Block colours worn with print scarf
Neutral block colours lifted by a print scarf – very City Chic!


In my previous blog I looked at style personality and what it means for the way you dress. In this one I am going to address how your style personality impacts the types of prints that you wear.

Broadly speaking, there are certain prints which appeal to particular style personalities:

Creatives – love wearable art, abstract and ethnic inspired prints and patterns. They are not afraid to mix and clash prints.

Dramatics –  are drawn to bold, high contrast and oversized prints. Animal prints in non-naturalistic colours (think neon pink or cobalt blue) are a favourite.

Romantics – love small pretty, feminine prints such as florals, butterflies and paisley. Their natural inclination is towards soft prints that blend into their background.

Classics –  like ordered prints such as stripes and small/fine geometrics. They may venture into animal print but it won’t be oversized and is likely to be in muted naturalistic shades.

Naturals –  tend to like small faded prints and soft stripes and checks.

City Chics –  aren’t normally drawn to prints. They prefer block colours worn tone-on-tone with a print scarf to add interest.

A romantic print tempered by a pared back cut.

Some prints, such as stripes, will appeal to several style personalities, but they will choose to wear them differently.  For example, a Dramatic is likely to choose highly contrasting  multi- coloured bold stripes, whereas a Classic will typically go for finer stripes in just two colours.

Many of the women I meet do not have a single style personality but most will have one that dominates.  In my case, that’s City Chic but I also have a strong element of Classic too. This means that I tend to go with block colours worn with a print scarf but I am also quite drawn to animal prints in neutral tonal shades.  I have very little Romantic so the only floral piece I own (apart from a couple of scarves) is this dress which is probably too lacking in embellishment to appeal to a true Romantic. Creative doesn’t feature anywhere in my style personality so you won’t find anything wild or wacky in my wardrobe!

I hope this blog has given you a few pointers as to the types of prints that accord with your style personality and that you will therefore enjoy wearing. In my next blog, I will look at the more “technical” aspects of prints including, size, shape and density and how these relate to your physical characteristics  to help you fine-tune your choices.