Stepping Out!

Footwear really can make or break an outfit and is something a lot of women struggle with so this blog is dedicated to getting your footwear right.

Fabulous legs

If you have fabulous legs, show them off with some statement shoes or boots! You could go for an eye- catching colour or design and ankle straps will work well for you. Irregular Choice do a wild and whacky range of shoes that will appeal to the dramatics and creatives amongst you.  If your tastes are a little more conservative but D&G Shoesyou still want to draw attention to your legs, how about taking a leaf out of Theresa May’s book and taking a walk on the wild side with a little leopard print.

If you’re going for striking footwear, you may want to think about keeping the rest of your outfit a little more understated.

Not so fabulous legs

If your legs leave something to be desired you may prefer more low-key footwear that doesn’t immediately draw attention to them. Short legs will look longer if you co-ordinate your footwear with your hosiery and/or hemline. So, team black shoes with black tights and/or skirts/trousers. In Summer when you probably have bare legs or nude tights, a nude coloured shoe is your best friend. Not only does it go with anything, it also serves to make your legs look longer as there is no break of colour between the leg and the shoe. A low vamp and pointed toe are also a great way to make your legs appear longer.

In winter, knee high boots are great leg lengtheners. This is because the eye takes in the whole length of the boot, rather than stopping at the vamp of the shoe. If you have particularly wide or skinny calves, check out Ted & Muffy who do superb boots in up to 21 calf fittings. They also offer shoes in narrow and wide foot fittings.

Ankle boots worn with skirts will make your legs look shorter but you may just be able to carry them off if you team them with co-ordinating hosiery.

If you have very heavy legs or ankles, it’s best not to go for a stiletto heel as it can serve to emphasise the width of your calves; a block heel will be much more flattering. Also, steer clear of ankle straps.

Wide feet

If you have wide feet, avoid straps that go horizontally across the foot. If for reasons of practicality you need a strap, how about one that travels diagonally? Wide feet will also look narrower and legs will look longer in shoes or boots with a pointed rather than rounded or square toe.

Fancy designing your own shoes?

Personally, I love Shoes of Prey. Not only do they offer a variety of width fittings and sizes from a tiny size 31 to 43, you can also design shoes to your own specification! You get to choose the colour, material, heel height, shape of the toe and can add embellishment.  Even better, the quality and customer service are outstanding (and no, they haven’t paid me to write this!).

Most important of all though, whatever footwear you choose, walk tall!