Ten Resolutions for the New Year

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to 2017 with hope and optimism. The New Year is a time when many of us like to take stock and put together some resolutions for self-improvement – but how often do we stick to them? Based on what I’ve learned from the many hundreds of consultations I’ve done with women (and men) of all different ages, shapes and sizes, I have put together ten realistic suggestions which I hope will help you finish 2017 feeling happy and confident

  1. Take a good look at yourself in a full length mirror and decide what your best feature is and work it! So, for example, if you have nice hands, draw attention to them by wearing nail polish/rings/bangles. Highlight slim ankles with statement shoes or 7/8 length trousers and a great smile with lipstick. You get the picture.
  2. Accept that there are certain parts of your body that are less than perfect and work out how to dress in a way that disguises them. Pattern is great for concealing lumps and bumps and ruching can hide a multitude of sins. A wrap (check out those available from Kettlewell) can streamline your silhouette and heels will make your legs look longer. Just make sure that whatever your wear to camouflage your worst bits is not also concealing your best bits (so many of us make this mistake!). Then get on with enjoying your life.
  3. Wear some colour. Not only will you look better, you will feel better and people will respond to you more positively. Yes, wearing black can be chic and slimming but worn all the time it is boring and uninspiring and, on a lot of people, it’s downright unflattering anyway. There are a host other dark colours that could look fabulous on you and be just as slimming. How about chocolate, navy, burgundy, damson or pine green?
  4. If you don’t wear make- up – try some! Few of us are so naturally beautiful that we can’t be improved by wearing a little. If nothing else, wear some blusher in a tone that complements your skin – coral/peach for warm skin tones, pink for cool skin tones. It will instantly ‘lift’ your face, making you look younger and healthier.
  5. If you already wear make-up, make sure you haven’t got stuck in a rut. If you’ve been applying the same products in the same way for a decade or more, the chances are you could do with refreshing your technique and/or the colours you’re using. By all means drop by one of the in-store beauty counters for advice but don’t feel obliged to buy anything unless you are totally happy with the look, feel confident you can recreate it at home and have seen yourself in natural light. Alternatively come to me for a one to one make up lesson.
  6. Get rid of anything in your wardrobe you don’t like! You shouldn’t wear it because you will never feel good in it.
  7. Don’t save your favourite clothes for a special occasion. Life is the occasion! You deserve to look and feel good every day.
  8. Stop comparing yourself with other women – especially younger, thinner ones! You are your own worst critic so , in your eyes, will always come off worst in any comparison.
  9. If you need to lose weight, go on a diet and increase your activity levels but be realistic about the targets you set yourself. Take heart from the fact that wearing the right clothes can make you look at least 7lbs lighter in an instant – no sweat or deprivation required!
  10. This is the big one! Do not pass on your insecurities about your appearance to your daughters! Let them see a happy, confident mum who may not be physically perfect (who is?) but doesn’t let it spoil her enjoyment of life.

If you would like to feel better about how you look and understand the colours, clothes and cosmetics which will be most flattering to you, please get in touch. Life really is too short to waste any more time feeling less than your best. Make 2017 your year to look and feel fabulous!