Three Golden Rules for Dressing to Look Slimmer

I suspect that, whilst some virtuous souls may have used lockdown as an opportunity to up the exercise regime and go for long walks, many of us may have been somewhat less self-disciplined and have piled on a few pounds. If so, take heart, following my three golden rules will instantly make you look slimmer and more shapely.

Rule #1 – Highlight your assets

When carrying a bit (or a lot!) of extra weight, the temptation can be to hide behind baggy clothes but these will only make you look bigger! Instead, draw attention to the parts of your body that you are most happy with.

Trim waist – wear belts or clothing which is shaped into the waist.

Slim hips – swap your blue jeans for a more attention-grabbing colour or print.

Good legs – show them off in shorter skirts, dresses and shorts.

Slim ankles – 7/8th / ankle grazer/cropped trousers are perfect for you.

Slim wrists and hands – Go for ¾ length sleeves and pile on the bangles and rings, paint your nails.

Shapely bosom – wear fitted tops.

Rule #2 – Disguise what you don’t like

Woman wearing jacket
The Seville jacket by Kettlewell – great for disguising a big tummy and showing off slim wrists.

Big bust – This can be an asset if dressed appropriately. A scoop or V neck in a soft fabric will flatter a larger bosom. Avoid high necklines and styles that hang straight from the bust peak. Yokes and breast pockets are not your friends.

Big hips – Choose soft fabrics that skim rather than cling. Wider leg trousers in darker colours and with minimal detailing will balance out your hips. Bring the attention to your smaller top half with colourful tops, jewellery and scarves.

Big tummy – treat your mid-section as a “no-fly zone” by wearing clothes in soft fabrics that hang from the shoulders in straight lines. Empire line dresses and tops can also work well. A long line unbuttoned jacket or wrap is a simple way to disguise your tummy and streamline your shape.

Lumps and bumps – patterned fabrics are be much more forgiving than plain ones at disguising these. Strategically placed ruching can also be great for disguising lumps and bumps.

Short/heavy legs – Heels will instantly make your legs look longer and slimmer but even just wearing footwear in the same colour as your hosiery and hemline will have the same effect. In warmer weather, nude coloured shoes or sandals with bare legs are very flattering and versatile. Avoid ankle straps which visually shorten and thicken the legs.

Rule #3 – Make sure your clothes fit well

Take a look at yourself in your outfit from all angles in a full length mirror and be honest with yourself as to whether you need to go up a size. I know that this can be tough to accept but you will look so much better in something that fits well. You can always cut out the sizing label if it offends you. There is nothing less flattering than wearing an outfit that is too tight and exposes every lump and bump. Cuts that skim rather than cling are most slimming.

On the other hand, don’t hide behind oversized clothes – they will just make you look oversized too! Wearing one oversized item can look stylish though, so long as it’s balanced out with something more fitted. So, for example, wear your baggy top with slim leg trousers and Palazzo pants with a fitted top.

Consider getting high street purchases tailored to fit. It’s amazing what a difference adjusting the height of a hemline or putting in some darts can make to how good clothing looks on you.

The above are general rules but if you would like to understand how to dress your shape, scale and proportions and learn how to put together outfits that you’ll look and feel great in, why not book in for a Style Consultation?