Wardrobe Full Of Clothes But Nothing to Wear?

Despite having jam-packed wardrobes, many women feel they have nothing to wear.  Often this is because they have lots of individual items of clothing but not enough outfits.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to pull together disparate elements in your wardrobe  and create attractive outfits is to invest in some well chosen accessories – whether statement belts, jewellery, bags or scarves or even footwear.

Not only are accessories available at every price point, most will fit you regardless of any fluctuations in your weight – How good is that?

Better still, you can use accessories to achieve all of the following….

Ring the changes

Create different looks.  In this picture sequence, I show how a plain brown fitted dress can be accessorised to create a couple of different looks.

Highlight your best bits

They’re brilliant for drawing attention to those parts of your body you like or at least feel most comfortable with.

If you have a neat waist, wear a belt to show it off. If you have nice hands, wear bangles and/or rings to draw the eye. Perhaps you have lovely legs – why not show them off with stylish attention-grabbing shoes?

Disguise your not-so-great bits

Accessories can also deflect attention away from parts of your body you may not be so keen on. For example, if you have heavy thighs, you can use scarves, necklaces and earrings to direct the attention to your face. After all, if they’re looking into your eyes, they’re not looking at your thighs!

Add a pop of colour

An accessory can add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.  So, you could accessorise a navy or black dress with, say, a red necklace and/or a red bag.  wearing accessories in your “wow” colours will make outfits instantly more flattering. Not sure which your best colours are? Come along for a colour analysis.

Pull an outfit together

Accessories can be the “glue” that unites individual pieces to make an outfit. Here this is achieved with a patterned scarf containing similar colours to the top and trousers. The pattern also adds interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

Add personality

As well as adding the finishing touch, accessories allow you to put your personal stamp on an outfit making you altogether more memorable.  How many and what style of accessories you choose, will depend very much on your individual style personality. For example, classic style personalities tend to favour understated “real” jewellery whilst those with a more dramatic style personality will prefer bolder statement jewellery.

Bring outfits up to date

Every season has some key themes. By investing in one or two new accessories each season you can tap into these to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  This Autumn-Winter is going to be all about animal print so a leopard or snake print scarf, belt, bag or shoes would be good investments. Take a look at A Walk On The Wild Side for some tips on wearing animal prints.

For personalised advice about the types of accessories that will work best for you, why not book a style consultation or book onto my next Capsule Wardrobe workshop where I show you how to create lots different outfits from a few key pieces?

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