What I Wore on Repeat in 2023

I saw this article in The Times the other day and it prompted me to review my own wardrobe to see what I have been wearing most over the past year. I found it a really useful exercise which you might like to try as I think it says more about who you are and what you really like to wear than any style personality quiz!

Here’s a rundown of my most worn items:

A mustard turtle neck jumper from Mango – bought this November

It’s very cosy, a great colour and length for me, is machine washable! It’s the easy choice for jeans but, because it’s relatively short, works well with skirts too. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought it in green too!

Phase Eight teal knit dress  – approx three years old.

Nicola in Whistles dress
A summer time favourite

Having warmth to my colouring, blues are not my best colours but teal is a warm blue/green it so it’s quite good on me. I particularly like this dress because it is so cosy and can be dressed up with scarves and jewellery.  It doesn’t crease and is machine washable.

A vibrant summer shirt dress from Whistles – a sale bargain from a couple of years ago.

I love this because it’s feminine but not too girly and the colour lifts my spirits!  (It’s also washable, dries quickly and requires minimal ironing – always a bonus!). It didn’t originally come with a belt so was a bit “blah” and shapeless on me. Adding the tan leather belt which I’ve had for about thirty five years (yes, really) made all the difference. In fact, someone actually pursued me down the street to tell me how much she loved it and to ask me where it was from!

Warehouse animal print shirt dress – about four years old

With its muted, tonal animal print this works well with the soft aspect of my colouring. It’s also waisted, which is a style that suits me.  It came with a self tie fabric belt but, again, I prefer it with my a wider leather belt as it adds a bit nore structure.  I’ve always liked this dress but never more so than when I was about to board a train wearing it in the summer and a (quite young!) gentleman called across the platform to me “You look lovely in that dress!” – so obviously it’s a winner! Although sleeveless, it can be layered up with boots and a cardigan so it can be worn pretty much year-round.

Anthropology skirt teamed with Mango jumper
Anthropology skirt teamed with Mango jumper

Longish slip skirt from Anthropologie – bought in July

I don’t normally wear skirts that much as I prefer dresses, but this summer I bought this abstract print slip skirt from Anthropologie and I have worn a lot because it’s so versatile.  Depending on the season, I have worn it with sandals and knee boots and because, it is quite a subtle print made up of several different colours, it works with lots of my tops, so I can ring the changes.

M&S Jeans – I’ve had them forever!

I never used to wear jeans much but since getting Lily, my pup, and having to deal with muddy paws, I am certainly wearing them a lot more often! I don’t spend much money on mine because I  find that M&S jeans are a good fit for me.

Dune nude sandals – bought in July

I used to be able to wear the highest heels all day but, alas, the feet are no longer up to that!I did however find this pair of sandals at Dune that are

Brown knee boot and nude sandal
These will see me through most of the year on repeat!

comfortable and work with practically anything so I wore them constantly throughout the summer. I’ve always found nude coloured shoes/sandals to be supremely versatile as you can wear them with any colour clothing.

Knee boots – my latest sale bargain

As you’ll know if you’ve been following my blogs for a while, I am a big fan of brown knee boots and wear them pretty much daily from October to May! I have just picked up a gorgeous pair of dark brown leather ones in the sale from Duo boots which are gorgeous and very comfortable – increasingly a factor when choosing footwear, given my ageing feet. As they’re new, I’ve only worn them a couple of times as yet but they are certain to see lots of outings for many years to come.

Walking boots – bought in May when Lily, our puppy, arrived

For years, my husband, Nick, has joked that he’s going to get me a pair of walking boots for my birthday, simply because he knew they were the last thing I would ever want or wear! Since having the Lily though I have actually bought myself a pair Timberland children’s (I have small  feet) boots and I wear them daily for our walks. (I have not yet succumbed to trainers – but who knows?!)

Hobbs poffer coat – bought October 2020

I originally bought this during lockdown when I was prepared to brave the worst weather to get out of the house for my hour’s permitted walk!  At the time, I remember thinking it was quite extravagant because I wouldn’t get much wear out of it.  Since having Lily though it’s getting lots of use so I’m glad that I spent a bit more and got one in a flattering caramel colour that has a bit of shape to it.

What do I take from this review of what I’ve worn?

Probably due to circumstances, I’m perhaps more of a Natural style personality than I thought. I am finding that I increasingly go for comfort and that I will always reach for the cosy and/or machine-washable, non-iron option! However, whilst my wardrobe has shifted a little due to age and practicality,  I will always be drawn to a feminine, fitted shift or shirt dress and the highest heel I can cope with!

What did you wear most in 2024?