What to Wear “Out-Out” this Festive Season

women at a party

The festive season is almost upon us and, after last year’s restrictions, I think many of us are in the mood to party. Certainly, there’s been a shift of focus within the fashion world from stay-at- home lounge wear to more glamorous “out-out” wear.

So what will you be wearing for Christmas and New Year parties?

How much you relish the opportunity to  put on a bit of glitz and glam will largely depend on your style personality. Dramatics will want to buy something new and make an entrance with all-out sparkle; Creatives will seize the opportunity to put together something a bit different; Classics will appreciate the opportunity wear a one of their favourite cocktail dresses; Romantics will be looking for pretty dresses with lots of detailing; City Chics will opt for understated elegance; Naturals will probably dread the need to dress up wish they could just wear their jeans!

Dress to suit your style personality so that you feel fabulous!



This is a fab time of year for you and you should take the opportunity to release your inner Diva which has been restrained for too long in these Covid times! You probably already have a wardrobe full of  sexy, glamorous evening wear but will nonetheless crave something new! Vertiginous heels and a sparkly figure-hugging dress will knock ’em dead!


You don’t want me (or anyone else for that matter ) telling you want to wear! You’re probably already fizzing with ideas and combing charity and vintage stores to put together your own unique and eclectic look.


You always like to look polished and well put together. You are not one to embrace the latest trends for the sake of it and feel your best when you are wearing something smart and unfussy. You are not averse to a bit of sparkle for special occasions though. Chances are, you already have something appropriate in your wardrobe.


This is your opportunity to wear something feminine and frivolous. Lace and florals are very much your thing and a bow is the icing on the cake! You will love the opportunity to wear high heels and pretty accessories.

City Chic

Elegant and stylish, you follow trends rather than fashion so will probably want to keep it simple and let your accessories do the talking.


You value your comfort and are definitely not one to suffer for the sake of fashion.  Velvet trousers teamed with a nice top or a jumpsuit can be good alternatives to a dress for you. If it has to be a dress though, a soft jersey or velour one would work well for you. A low kitten heel will look elegant ad can be quite comfortable, or, if it has to be flats,  a fairly pointed toe will work best with a dress. You will find a neat cross-body bag more practical than a clutch.

For suggestions on what to wear so that you look and feel fabulous this festive season, whatever your style personality, take a look at my latest catalogue.