What to Wear this Autumn-Winter

This month’s blog was originally going to be an in-depth look at the key trends for Autumn-Winter, but then I got to thinking about what really interests the women I work with; looking and feeling good, rather than slavishly following fashion. Of course, they want to look current but they’re less interested in what’s “in” for a particular season and more interested in what works for their personality, lifestyle and body shape so that they can look their very best.  Nonetheless, it is helpful to at least know what the key trends are, if only so you can dig out the most relevant pieces in your wardrobe and work out how you’re going to wear them this Autumn-Winter.

Key Trends (or at least the most wearable ones!)

  • Indigo denim – a good dark denim can be slimming. I bet you’ve already got at least one pair of indigo jeans or a denim skirt or dress.

    My knit dress will be making a repeat appearance this Autumn
  • Puffer Coats – very practical! Go for one with some shaping or a draw string waist so you don’t look like the Michelin Tyre man! If you’re a Natural style personality, you’ve probably already got several.
  • Knit dresses – lovely and cosy. If you like them, the chances are that, like me, you already have one in your wardrobe anyway.
  • Chunky boots – nothing particularly new about chunky boots, they’ve been around for ages but they’re very much centre stage this season. If you like them, you’re probably a Natural style personality and will already have several pairs. Enjoy the fact that you are officially bang on trend!
  • Bold, saturated colours – fabulous, unless you’re a Soft. In which case, give this trend a miss.
  • Mono colour – wear the same colour (or shades of the same colour) top to toe. This can be very slimming and is great for petites and Softs. Check out your wardrobe to find pieces you can wear together to create this monochromatic look.
  • Mini skirts – these are taking over from midi length amongst the fashionistas and are great teamed with thick tights and (chunky) boots but, if you’re not keen on your legs,  you’ll want to give them a miss. Don’t worry, midi and knee length are still widely available and won’t look out of place in them.
  • “Out-Out”– As we emerge from lockdown restrictions and loungewear, there’s a move towards “out-out” wear, in other words dressing up and putting on a bit of glitz and glam to hit the town. So, if this appeals,  dig out your most glamorous pieces  and go for it!

Buy less, buy better, wear more

As we’ve become more environmentally conscious, huge seasonal clothing hauls are starting to feel “wrong”, particularly when you consider that 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothes being sent to UK landfills each year! I’ve always advocated buying less, buying better and wearing more and now, more than ever, it definitely feels the right thing to do. So let’s stop buying fast fashion and get our money’s worth from our clothes (also known as cost per wear) by investing wisely.  If you struggle with this and  have wardrobes stuffed with clothes that you don’t wear, in my experience it is likely to be for one of the following reasons:

So many clothes but nothing to wear!
  • It may be that you are buying lots of clothes to try to compensate yourself for some aspect of your life that you’re not happy about.  If this is the case,  you might like to think about what you can do to resolve, or at least mitigate, whatever the issue is so that you don’t feel the need to keep buying new clothes.


  • Perhaps you just don’t know what suits you so you latch on to clothes you’ve seen other people wearing or what the fashion pages tell you should be wearing, but they never feel quite “you” or you don’t have the confidence to actually wear them so they just languish in your wardrobe.  If this is the case for you,  spending time with a professional who can help you to understand your style personality and what really suits you would be money well spent.

If you’re trying to work out for yourself what works for you, look at the pieces in your wardrobe that you always reach for and try to analyse what it is about them that appeals to you. Similarly, if there are clothes in your wardrobe that you have worn only once or never at all, see if  you can work out whether there are any common themes as to why you don’t wear them so that you don’t make the same mistakes again. If you’re feeling brave, tot up how much you’ve spent on them. For many women, this alone would justify investing in a style consultation so that you can fully understand what does and doesn’t work for you and stop making costly mistakes.

Shop your wardrobe

Before buying anything new, shop your own wardrobe; take stock of what you already have and try new ways of wearing things. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and always wear the same top with the same skirt or trousers, so try mixing things up and trying out different accessories and footwear to create multiple different looks. Rather than being seduced in to buying whatever some fashion editor has designated a “must have”, aim to build a wardrobe of wearable pieces that flatter your colouring, are comfortable and emphasise your best bits. This will take time but will pay dividends.

I firmly believe that our clothes should bring us pleasure and that we should feel good in what we wear. Clever dressing can make us look slimmer, more shapely, stylish, attractive and interesting and that can be a great confidence boost. You get all this from knowing what works for  you, not from blindly following fashion.

So, what should you wear this Autumn-Winter? Whatever suits you!