Why What We Wear Matters

According to most researchers, people make decisions and judgements about us within  7 seconds of meeting.  Their subsequent interactions with us are very much influenced  by their first impression of us. A positive first impression stores up a lot of goodwill, whereas a negative one is difficult to recover from. Therefore, whether  it’s a first date or an interview, the messages we convey in those first seven seconds of meeting someone are really important.

It’s not what you say…

According to Sociolinguist Albert Mehrabian, in a face to face encounter just 7% of a verbal message comes from the words spoken, 38% comes from the tone, pace and inflection and 55% per cent of the message comes from the speakers appearance and body language.

People form opinions about our character, professionalism and socio-economic status based on what we wear and how we present ourselves. Take a look at these two photographs of the same woman to see what I mean!















Isn’t that rather superficial?

Whilst I would love to live in a world where no-one made snap judgements based on how we look, realistically, who has the time or inclination to really get to know everyone they meet?

Also, clothes are a form of self-expression.  We choose what to wear. We choose to be well-groomed, or not.  Why not choose garments that fit and flatter, that reflect our personality and make us feel good ? Great clothes and grooming can help us to present an authentic and positive version of ourselves. They show people that we value ourselves and that they should value us too.  Above all they give us confidence. Marilyn Monroe had it about right when she said. “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”.

Not interested in clothes?

Clothes might not be of great interest to you, but  you are almost certainly interested in being listened to and valued.

Invest in professional advice about what suits you and your lifestyle. That way you will be able to shop quickly and effectively, and getting dressed for any occasion will be fuss-free. Trust me, you won’t look back.