How to Shop Post Lockdown

Post Covid Shopping

How life has changed over the past few months!

As clothes shops begin to re-open, it’s becoming clear that our shopping experience is going to be quite different to before COVID-19.  For the time being at least, there will be no more casual browsing and trying on clothes with the occasional break for coffee. Instead we are faced with the prospect of queuing to enter shops, one-way systems, sanitiser stations and the loss of changing rooms. Worse still, not being able to try clothes on will inevitably mean that we will need to return more of what we’ve bought, resulting in yet more queuing.

So, what should we do? Rather than quantity, let’s focus on quality. Let’s stop buying so-so, throwaway items we barely wear and invest in fewer, better quality items that make us look and feel fabulous and that will stand the test of time. By thinking carefully before making a purchase, we can cut down on unnecessary shopping trips and be kinder to the planet.

Before you go shopping, have a good sort through your wardrobe to take stock of what you already have and take note of the items you look and feel good in and try to establish why. By understanding this, you are less likely to make mistakes on new purchases. For a garment to earn it’s keep, not only must we love it; it should also go with three other items in our wardrobe so that we can get maximum wear out of it. Also, before you buy anything, think about when and where you will wear it and ask yourself if you already have something similar in your wardrobe which you prefer. If you do, don’t buy the inferior new alternative as you are unlikely to wear it as you will inevitably reach for your old favourite.

Even before the pandemic, there was a shift from high street to online shopping and this has now accelerated. My online shopping service has always been popular with time-poor professionals but, during lockdown, all sorts of people have been using this service combined with a follow-up Zoom to review purchases. Interestingly, most people have told me this is the way they now plan to shop even after lockdown.

Of course, some of us will always prefer to “go shopping” and, from 15th June, I am re-opening my studio to provide a safe way to shop. Not only will you be able to get personal styling advice but you can also to try on clothes which are simply not available on the high street* in a safe, private environment, by appointment and free of charge.

Appointments are spaced 72 hours apart (so that clothes can be appropriately quarantined), social distancing is maintained and strict hygiene measures are in place. In this way, you can shop in an enjoyable, civilised and responsible way. If you would like to find out more about this complimentary shopping service, please get in touch. I’d love to help you.

Wishing you a safe and happy shopping experience, however you choose to shop.


*Kettlewell, Danish brand Friendtex and gorgeous plain and print scarves from  a variety of suppliers.